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Sony Bravia LED TV

Sony is the third largest television manufacturer in the world after Samsung and LG. Until 2005, Sony used to market its LCDs under the brand name WEGA. Subsequently a new name BRAVIA was introduced to represent Sony's High-definition Flat Panel LCD televisions, Projection TVs, Front Projectors and Home Theatre Range. BRAVIA stands for Best Resolution Audio Video Integrated Architecture. One interesting fact about Bravia is that Sony also sells a range of mobile phones in North America, Japan and Europe by the same name.

Bravia TV series offers LCDs under four categories: X-series, Premium Picture Quality, Internet TV, 3D TV and Monolithic Design. In the world of LCD televisions, picture quality is determined by the image processing engine. Entire Bravia series is powered by Sony's powerful image processor called Bravia Engine, which functions through a 8 step process:

  1. Expands the range of gradation between colours to produce a smoother image
  2. Enhances the contrast with deeper blacks to create pictures with impressive sense of depth
  3. Precise colour reproduction to the natural colours so they can be seen exactly as they were filmed
  4. Reduces colour distortion with 3D comb filter for a more stable picture
  5. Does not allow jagged edges and bleeding colours and provide smooth picture even for fast motion sequences
  6. Deepens and brightens the green and blue colours
  7. Signal interference is cleaned out pixel by pixel to produce a clean and crisp image
  8. Black pixels are further strengthened and deepened for more details in the dark areas of the picture

The next version of it - Bravia Engine 2 processes standard definition images however the latest version - Bravia Engine 3 - processes both high-definition as well as standard definition images.

Another impressive feature in Sony Bravia LCDs in the Ambient Light Sensors - this enables to provide a natural colour output irrespective of the environment the TV is being watched in - day light or dark at night. Moreover a Triluminos display reproduces completely natural shades of colours especially for red, green and blue - which are generally hard to reproduce and hence richer images.

Sony had also introduced X-series under Sony Bravia High-definition LCDs in 46 & 55 inch. With the X-series LCDs, Sony's new video engine - Sony Bravia Engine 2 Pro was introduced. The display panel here uses 10-bit processing and provides 120 Hz Motion Flow Technology (which shows 120 pictures per second vs 50 earlier). As part of Sony's strong ecological ideology, Sony had introduced Green TV which consumed 70% less energy compared to a conventional LCD.

In 2009, Sony launched Sony Bravia Internet TV. It was the first TV brand to incorporate Google TV - right now the service is only available in US but in near future, it is expected to revolutionize IPTV. At the time of launching Internet TV, Sony had also tied-up with several media streaming partners: Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Netflix and Qriocity.

Variants and Price (India) : Various options are available under Bravia series: X-Series, Premium Range, Internet TV, 3D TV, Monolithic design and Basic Sony LCD Range. Price ranges from Rs. 15,900 to Rs. 16,99,900.