Audi A3

Brand Story - Audi A3 Audi is a Germany based luxury car manufacturer with 9 manufacturing facilities across the world. Viz. Spain, Slovakia, Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Belgium, and Lamborghini S.P.A., a fully Audi AG Subsidiary. Starting 1966, majority share of Audi was acquired by Volkswagen Group. Audi is one of the three "German Big 3"- bestselling luxury auto maker. Other two being BMW and Mercedes.

Audi Logo

Audi derives its name from the second name of August Horch, "Horch" in German means "Listen", which in turn means "Audi" in Latin. There is an interesting legacy to the Audi 4 circle logo as well. Each of these circles represent one of the four companies which unified together to form Audi's parent company called Auto Union. The brand philosophy of Audi - 'VorsprungdurchTechnik', means 'Advancement through Technology'.


Audi set the benchmark by being the first car manufacturer in the world producing 100% galvanized cars. The practice has been adapted by the likes of Porsche and others.

The galvanized Zinc coat was so effective that it surpassed Audi's own expectation and it had to extend its warranty period from 10 years to 12 years.


Some of the best Audi models have been designed with longitudinal front mounted engines over front wheels, which allows easy adaptability to the all-wheel drive but it goes against the concept of ideal 50:50 weight distribution ratio on which Audi is still working.

Apart from many firsts to its credit, Audi was the first brand to introduce Daytime Running Lights (DRL) LEDs in 2005. Since then it has kind of become the signature style of all Audi cars. Same has also been copied by other car manufacturers.


The innovator in Audi's DNA refuses to give-up and they have introduced a technology to make synthetic diesel from Water and Carbon Dioxide