Exploration is the only means to end confusion
We often find ourselves in state of confusion whenever we have to make a choice on a new product or service over the other. How sensible would it be to pick brands at our gut feel with huge degree of uncertainty? Do we really need to put hard earned money at stake with doubts in mind? Or is the logical solution to seek advice from others who have already used it or have seen someone close using it?

Seeking advice sounds really good but what is the possibility of knowing enough people to seek a sincere advice to arrive at a confident decision? Even if someone knew those many people around, would it be possible to reach out to all of them together? Would that be possible when you are standing right at the purchase counter?

And this became our starting point. We believe, being well informed about a product or service before the purchase is every individual's right. We are a young group of people who are on a mission to remove confusion from every buyer's mind. Think about it, being in an ever connected world where people are open to share their experiences; such confusing moments should never occur. We are building Brand Collage with the same spirit.

While the playground of the brands is getting ready we are already in action with Face-off between some of the most debated brands in the world. See which is the hot favourite among people: